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Season 2 Q&A Part Two - B

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Please note: due to Wix limits on blog post length, this transcript has been split into two parts. However, the PDF linked here is the complete transcript. The split occurs at 35.07.00 and the first part of the transcript can be found here. Link opens in a new tab.

Hero: Okay. Let's do something silly because I'm feeling uncomfortably emotional.

Sophie: Radical Reliable Randomness--

Hero: Grrr! Triple threat! [laughs]

Sophie: ... asks.

Hero: [continues laughing]

Sophie: "What is the easiest and most efficient way to kill the CEO?"

Hero: Ooooh. Make it up.

Sophie: [laughs]

Hero: What?

Sophie: Yeah. Make it up.

Hero: Yeah. Think about it in your brain and come up with a good answer. Also, I mean. Ugh.

Sophie: Are you going to have to do a Quaker thing now?

Hero: No, no, God no. [bleep] 'em.

Sophie: [laughs]

Hero: Um. I'm just having feelings about how incredibly well Dom did, and how funny it is that their character in Mistholme is the sweetest--

Sophie: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Hero: And just an absolute dote, and it's like--

Sophie: So that so many people--

Hero: So many people!

Sophie: --heard that episode, were like "It's my friend!"

Hero: [laughs] "It's my friend from podcasts!" And then [deep voice] "Oh, not my friend from--" [laughs]

Sophie: [deep voice] "Not my fri--my enemy from podcasts."

Hero: [laughs] Yeah.

Sophie: But yeah. There are probably lots of easy and efficient ways to kill the CEO.

Hero: I think you probably just brock a--drop a brick on him.

Sophie: Just drop a brick. RavingCactus asks, "Who are the dream podcast guests, and why is one of them Cecil Baldwin?"

Hero: One of them isn't Cecil Baldwin.

Sophie: Well, for RavingCactus it clearly is.

Hero: Yeah.

Sophie: But it wouldn't be for you.

Hero: It wouldn't be for me because I stopped listening to Welcome to Night Vale a really long time ago, and while this sounds insane to say as a spooky radio gay podcaster, Night Vale isn't actually much of a direct influence on me?

Sophie: Mm-hmm.

Hero: Like, I'm not really a Night Vale fan. Not in a bad way. I just... didn't ever really get into it.

Sophie: Yeah.

Hero: So actually, I think Magnus Archives were more the Big Boys who made me go--

Sophie: Jonathan Jon Bon Jovi Simms.

Hero: Jona--yeah. I don't think I could have Jonathan Jon Jon Bovi Simms because I would not be able to call him anything except Jonathan Jon Jon Bovi--

Sophie: And he might hear you calling him Jonathan Jon Jon Bovi Simms.

Hero: Might feel it's a bit weird that this person he's never met has given him [crosstalk] an elaborate nickname.

Sophie: [crosstalk] Such an affectionate nickname. [laughs]

Hero: [laughs] Um. Yeah. And I think--other podca--Werner Herzog. Jack Black. And uh, my mum.

Sophie: Ohhh--

Hero: [high voice] I know!

Sophie: Your mum would be so good!

Hero: [high voice] Wouldn't she be so cute!

Sophie: Oh, I want your mum to be on podcast.

Hero: Ohh. [regular voice] Yeah. So those--those are my--my--

Sophie: Your dream podcast guests.

Hero: My dream podcast guests.

Sophie: AvatarOfTheLonelysWorld--I'm assuming that's a--a Magnus Archives. The Lonely's a thing, right?

Hero: Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sophie: Oh.

Hero: The Avatar of the Lonely.

Sophie: So, Avatar asks, "Does Monstrous Agonies have a specific amount of episodes you want to make, or will it continue until you don't want to do it any more?" And we have a very definite answer for that, don't we?

Hero: I have a very definite answer to that, and this is a bit of an announcement that I feel... I should probably do a proper announcement on the social medias. Umm, yes, there is a definite answer to that. Monstrous Agonies Season Three will be the last season of Monstrous Agonies. And actually, your bit about like, are you gonna stop doing it when you just don't want to do it anymore--yeah. I don't--I don't--

Sophie: You don't want to do it after Season Three.

Hero: I can't imagine being as excited about it indefinitely.

Sophie: I think even from Season One, you knew that this wasn't going to be a forever podcast.

Hero: No.

Sophie: It was something that was fun for you to do that you really enjoyed, but you knew that that enjoyment and that fun, that spontaneity--and also, you know, you're going to get to the point where you're repeating yourself.

Hero: We've already had two werewolf boyfriends who are scared of the Hoover.

Sophie: Yeah.

Hero: D'you know what I mean?

Sophie: Which is... adorable, and fun to hear every time.

Hero: Oh, I love that. But then--yeah.

Sophie: But you don't want to be Season Ten and it's all werewolf boyfriends--

Hero: Yeah.

Sophie: --who are scared of the Hoover.

Hero: And it's--and it's also--it's also because I think three is--is a nice amount of story.

Sophie: Yes.

Hero: We've got--you know, most of Season One didn't have any story in. Season Two had a bit more. Like a fair bit more. And then I think we can finish that story in a season quite happily in a way that is in keeping with the--the--the vibes of the show and everything. Because I think the other thing is that--actually to talk about The Magnus Archives for a minute. One of the things that The Magnus Archives did incredibly well, and it was only able to do it because they knew when they started that it was five seasons and they knew how that story was going to go, is that when it--when--when it jumped from "you are listening to the recordings of Jon Simms" to "now you are listening to things that aren't part of that recording and are part of him reading statements," and you're like. "Oh what, so--[haughty laugh] the tape recorder just turned itself on?" And there's an incredibly good reason--

Sophie: Yes.

Hero: --for that to have happened.

Sophie: Yeah. Yeah. Which they knew from the moment they were doing it--

Hero: Exactly. Exactly.

Sophie: Rather than retroactively being like, "And this happened becaaaause... of this." Because you can tell, and even though that would have been fine because it worked within context, you can always tell when a writer has come up with something retroactively--

Hero: Yeah.

Sophie: --versus when it's been the intention all along.

Hero: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Exactly. And it's coming up off the fly--uh, on the fly. And like, Monstrous Agonies takes place within about a fifteen, twenty minute slot at two in the morning on a Thursday. Like, in a radio studio. I didn't want to get to a point where it was gonna sort of jump the shark and--and become about anything that wasn't that. But that's an incredibly limited format? Um, and I picked a very, very, very limited format and a very limited structure on purpose because it was my first ever podcast. And I didn't know anything about sound engineering or writing--

Sophie: Mm-hmm.

Hero: --or marketing or anything. And so--didn't want to bite off more than I could chew. But I got bigger teeth now.

Sophie: Yeah.

Hero: I can chew more.

Sophie: You can chew more, and you're going to be chewing more.

Hero: I'm going to be chewing more.

Sophie: Which we won't necessarily talk about right now.

Hero: No.

Sophie: But this is just to say to those people who may have heard “Monstrous Agonies will be ending after Season Three” and started wailing and gnashing their teeth and deciding to wear black for a full year--

Hero: That would be extremely dope of you, please do that.

Sophie: It would be really cool. But also, this isn't to say Hero isn't making any more...

Hero: I will make other podcasts is the--

Sophie: You'll make other audio fiction.

Hero: Yeah, I'm gonna--I--I have--I have.

Sophie: You have ideas.

Hero: I have two planned.

Sophie: Yes.

Hero: Um. One of them is much bigger than the other, but I'm not going anywhere. I love podcasts. They're amazing. But yeah, so all sorts of reasons 'cause it just... I just couldn't... [sighs] I couldn't imagine it still being as fun or--like, obviously, like it's a bit of a tongue-in-cheek running joke that most of the advice is, [exaggerated Presenter voice] "Talk about it."

Sophie: [laughs]

Hero: [laughs] You know?

Sophie: [exaggerated Presenter voice] "Listener, have you tried accessing your emotions?"

Hero: [laughs, exaggerated Presenter voice] "Have you tried talking to a librarian about it?"

Sophie: [exaggerated Presenter voice] "Listener, why don't you go to therapy?"

Hero: [regular voice] Yeah, and I think that that would get more noticeable in the fourth season or the fifth season.

Sophie: Yes.

Hero: Or the eighth season. You know. And I don't think I would enjoy doing it. Don't really have the attention span to keep doing it anyway. So.

Sophie: There we go.

Hero: Yup. So Season Three, last season. [stage whispers] It's gonna be amaaazing.

Sophie: So, we've kind of come to the end of the questions about

Monstrous Agonies. We have a few extra little questions here. They're just fun--fun--fun always to tie up the--the end of the thing. So obviously as you said, podcasts are amazing.

Hero: Yeah!

Sophie: Hero.

Hero: [gasps]

Sophie: Ella would love to know, um, "What's your current favourite podcast outside of your own show?

Hero: [exaggerated, aggressive voice] Hmmmm. I love my own show.

Sophie: Yeah, and you famously love listening to podcasts.

Hero: [regular voice] I don't--I really like listening to podcasts. I just never do it. Because it's really hard for me to sit in one place and--and do anything.

Sophie: Yeah.

Hero: I've been listening to The Amelia Project. A lot. Um. I'm not all the way caught up, and so Season Four just recently ended and is apparently extremely emotional. And I'm sitting on Twitter as everyone was like, [excited, emotional voice] "Oh my GOD!"

Sophie: Just gearing up for it.

Hero: [regular voice] Yeah. And I had just finished Season Two, and I was like. I'm so happy for you all. Not at all jealous. [laughs] Um. So I've been listening to The Amelia Project, and uh, like--it was a joke to say that all of the podcasts that we had guests from were amazing--

Sophie: 10/10.

Hero: But they genuinely are.

Sophie: No, they are.

Hero: They really, really are amazing. I think they're all so good. Uh, and they're so well done, and they are among the few that I actually regularly...

Sophie: Actually listen to--

Hero: Actually listen to.

Sophie: --makes--and make that effort--

Hero: Yeah.

Sophie: --and listen to and enjoy when you do.

Hero: Yeah.

Sophie: It's funny 'cause you often--it is funny. You--I listen to so many more non-fiction podcasts than you do.

Hero: I don't listen to any non-fiction podcasts.

Sophie: Well, exactly. But I--I listen to--

Hero: I forget that they exist.

Sophie: Yes. [laughs] And it's funny, because obviously you listen to all these wonderful, rich worlds, and I listen to um, my favourite one is um, the Every Outfit Pod, which is based off the Every Outfit on Sex and the City Instagram account.

Hero: Uh-huh.

Sophie: Where they--it's two amazing women--I love them so much, Chelsea and Lauren, and they, um. Just talk about fashion that they love. And obviously they don't always talk about Sex and the City. Um, so they do little--little updates--

Hero: Uh-huh.

Sophie: --on just like, fashion world. Celebrity goings on. Things happening in their lives.

Hero: Yeah. I don't ever want to hear about a goings on.

Sophie: Yeah. They also have a segment at the end of the podcast called Kardashaholics Anonymous.

Hero: Oh Christ.

Sophie: It's great. It's so good. I love listening to it.

Hero: Good grief.

Sophie: Yeah.

Hero: Well, I don't listen to that.

Sophie: You don't!

Hero: I don't. I listen to audiobooks.

Sophie: Yeah, you do. [crosstalk] You enjoy audiobooks a lot.

Hero: [crosstalk] That's--that's my main thing. [end crosstalk] I'm listening to the audiobook of the uh, Lord of the Rings at the minute, and it is... not making me cry... as much as the movies. Last time I watched the Fellowship, I was crying before they left the Shire. Um.

Sophie: And just kept going.

Hero: And I just kept going! I just kept going. I cried so hard. I love them so much. Um, and if I think about Hobbits too much, I will burst into tears. But I--I tend to listen to a lot of--I do listen to like, technically audio fiction, but it's audiobooks rather than audiodramas. Yeah. It's read by Andy Serkis. And he says all the dwarves names wrong. And I'm fine with that. Doesn't annoy me.

Sophie: Doesn't annoy me. So Art has two questions for our little random segment here.

Hero: Woo!

Sophie: They want to know, "What's your favourite bone? Brackets, human."

Hero: Femur.

Sophie: Why?

Hero: Big.

Sophie: Oh.

Hero: It's big, innit?

Sophie: Mm-hmm.

Hero: It's a real bone-lookin' bone.

Sophie: Yeah.

Hero: You know? It's like not--

Sophie: Like that--the classic bone.

Hero: Yeah, you're not messin' about. It's just [noise indicating something's big]. I think the tibia fibia situation... excellent.

Sophie: Yeah.

Hero: Great work. 10/10. Um. Find the kneecap a little uppity.

Sophie:[gasps] Ooh, I just--I--the kneecaps make me nervous.

Hero: Uh, yeah. Right? No, I know exactly what you mean. I was gonna make fun of you, but you're absolutely right.

Sophie:[laughs] Yeah.

Hero: It's like, just go--[bleep]-ing strap yourself down, son!

Sophie: Yeah. Just--

Hero: Come on!

Sophie: There's no need for any of that.

Hero: There's no need. Um, I have freakishly pointy elbows--

Sophie: You do.

Hero: --and I would like to know what is going on there.

Sophie: [crosstalk] What--it's just that you're a freak. That's what's going on.

Hero: [crosstalk] What the situation is there. [end crosstalk] Yeah. Um. But yeah, femur. Femur would be the one for me.

Sophie: And, "What's the weirdest fact you know?"

Hero: Uh, you have no idea how long I tried to think of what this was.

Sophie: Unfortunately, I have an idea. 'Cause I sat through it.

Hero: Yes. Sorry. Um, but I remembered! It--ooh, no, no! Swords! [relieved] Ah! Ooh.

Sophie: [laughs]

Hero: Nearly--it nearly, nearly went there. Um. So I learnt this when I was doing longsword fighting, and my uh, longsword teacher--who by the way, didn't appreciate me making uh, hold me closer tiny fencer jokes about how short I was? [laughs]

Sophie: Mmm.

Hero: [laughs] Um. I'm really too short to effectively longsword fight, unfortunately. Anyway. No, so he told me this, and I'm gonna--I'm--please don't... don't get uppity about the very technicalities about like, where this is or was the case or like, the currency that was used. Because I don't remember those details.

Sophie: This is so much preamble for this story.

Hero: You'll get--I know, but it's really good! You'll enjoy it. So. Um. Back in... sort of--back when Germany was like, city-states, right?

Sophie: Mm-hmm.

Hero: They--different city-states had different laws around swords that you could or couldn't carry, so some were like... you can't carry a sword that is bigger than X. Like X amount.

Sophie: Eggs?

Hero: X amount.

Sophie: Oh! [laughs]

Hero: Wow.

Sophie: [continues to laugh]

Hero: If your sword's smaller than an egg, that's a letter opener.

Sophie: There are different size eggs, though.

Hero: Name one big enough--

Sophie: Ostrich.

Hero: --to be a--an ostri--you think that's a sword? Have you ever seen an ostrich egg? Sophie? It's smaller than your head!

Sophie: There's one upstairs right now.

Hero: Yeah! How big is it?

Sophie: It's smaller than my head.

Hero: It's smaller than your head. Eejit.

Sophie: [laughs]

Hero: No. Not eggs. X amount.

Sophie: X amount.

Hero: So--so some were like, your sword has to be so big so that you can't hide it on your person.

Sophie: Mm-hmm.

Hero: But others were like, it has to be--it can't be bigger than such and such because that means you've got a huge sword in our city. Um, and so they weren't for that. And then other ones were like, um, you can only legally draw your sword if you're in an altercation. Or if you're in the city watch, or something like that. And um, and--my teacher was telling me about this series of laws that were instated in this one city-state where um, you could have your sword, but it was illegal to show it off threateningly.

Sophie: Yeah.

Hero: Right? So if your cloak was over it--you couldn't go like--

Sophie: [silly voice] Check me out, I've got a big sword.

Hero: Yeah. So the first--the first one was like, it was illegal to start a fight.

Sophie: Right.

Hero: Um, and if you started the fight, you would be fined like, four guilders.

Sophie: Mm-hmm.

Hero: Or whatever. And then it became illegal to menacingly show off your sword because that was what people were doing to start fights without technically--"I didn't draw first, officer."

Sophie: Mm-hmm.

Hero: "I just... let it be known that I would." So that became illegal, and that would--your fine would be, you know. Four--four [simultaneously] guilders.

Sophie: [simultaneously] Guilders.

Hero: And then it became--it became illegal to lay your sword down on the bar.

Sophie: Uh-huh.

Hero: And that would cost four guilders because that was, you know--you're not showing it off, but you are showing everyone you've got it. And then it became illegal to put four guilders on the bar.

Sophie: [laughs]

Hero: [laughs] Why are you looking disappointed!

Sophie: I'm not. I'm not.

Hero: [laughs] Isn't that brilliant?

Sophie: It's very, very good.

Hero: [laughs] It's very good. Yeah. So. That's my fun--my weird fact. It's almost definitely not actually factually accurate, because I'm not the historian who knew that.

Sophie: [laughs]

Hero: I'm the idiot who is remembering the historian who told them that.

Sophie: Mm-hmm. This is the last question.

Hero: The last question.

Sophie: It's from [silly voice] J.P. Bebbington.

Hero: [silly voice] J.P. Bebbington.

Sophie: [silly voice] J.P. Bebbington.

Hero: [silly voice] J.P... Bebbington. And would you be interested in my snake oil?

Sophie: [laughs]

Hero: [laughs]

Sophie: [silly voice] I've got a newspaper to write!

Hero: [laughs]

Sophie: [silly voice] Get me pictures of Spider-Man!

Hero: [half laugh, a pause] I don't think he that he says it like that.

Sophie: He doesn't. But J.P. Bebbington would.

Hero: [silly voice] J.P. Bebbington would.

Sophie: [silly voice] J.P. Bebbington.

Hero: J.P.

Sophie: J.P. Bebbington says--

Hero: Mm-hmm.

Sophie: "Given the universe is infinite and that God is infinite--"

Hero: [inhales]

Sophie: "--would you like a toasted teacake?"

Hero: That's another bread-y question. Nerd.

Sophie: "Also how much do you hate your landlord?"

Hero: [incredibly high-pitched voice] He's doing alright--

Sophie: Oooohhh!

Hero: Oh no! Ohhh!

Sophie: Oh no, Monstrous Agonies listeners!

Hero: Okay, listen. [stammers] You remember my housing stress that I alluded to.

Sophie: I do remember.

Hero: Earlier in this--in this segment. My landlord has been as good as somebody profiting off other people's need for housing can be. He lives in our postcode. He fixes things when it's his job to fix them. He respects our legal rights. All of this--the bar is on the ground. D'you know?

Sophie: Yeah.

Hero: Like--like it is so low. But he treats us like--like human beings. Respects our legal rights. Does his part of the job. Doesn't charge us very much. And the fact that he has been what a landlord is supposed to be if you must have landlords at all has made an incredibly stressful situation fractionally less stressful. So right now, I don't hate him. I don't actually hate that man.

Sophie: Yeah. It's just landlords.

Hero: The fact.

Sophie: The fact that landlords exist.

Hero: Yeah. And actually, the people that I hate right now are estate agents and Airbnb owners.

Sophie: Yes. Who are... worse than landlords. Airbnb owners are worse than landlords.

Hero: So much worse. So. So much worse. I mean, [bleep] landlords? But by God.

Sophie: [bleep] Airbnb owners.

Hero: Oh my God. [angry exhale]

Sophie: Yep.

Hero: [angry noise] Yeah.

Sophie: But just to clarify: we mean people who buy property specifically to use as an Airbnb.

Hero: Yes.

Sophie: We're not talking about people who rent out rooms in their own home.

Hero: I'm not even talking about people who... like, have come into a bit of extra money and [simultaneously] bought a new house.

Sophie: [simultaneously] Bought a new house. And then they have uh, their old property that--no. We're talking about people who specifically buy up property in an area in order to substantially increase the rent to profit off of the need for housing in our society.

Hero: But the thing is like, landlords are profiting off the need for housing. Airbnb owners... aren't letting people actually live in them.

Sophie: Yes.

Hero: You can't live in an Airbnb.

Sophie: No.

Hero: It's just a--a house that's off the market.

Sophie: No, yeah.

Hero: So that you end up having... incredible demand for housing in a city that has enough houses! For example! [pause] I'm fine, J.P. Bebbington. Thank you for your question.

Sophie: Thank you everyone for your questions.

Hero: Especially J.P. Bebbington.

Sophie: Especially J.P. Bebbington.

Hero: Nyeh!

Sophie: And here we are, a couple hours later. All the questions are done.

Hero: [gutturally] HUH!

Sophie: This is--this is what it would feel like, I feel like, as the Understudy. Sort of at the end of the agony aunt segment.

Hero: Mmm.

Sophie: Being like, "Oh, I did it!"

Hero: "I did it!"

Sophie: "I did it!"

Hero: Finally!

Sophie: "Now I can go in the bath with my five hundred goblin shark plushies."

Hero: [laughs]

Sophie: And a biiiiiig glass of wine.

Hero: Drunk out of a human skull.

Sophie: Yeah.

Hero: Yeah.

Sophie: But not drunk out of her human skull, 'cause her skull is not human.

Hero: Allegedly. According to you. Moving on! We finished!

Sophie: We finished! Um. So really, I have a question.

Hero: Of course you do.

Sophie: Which was I believe also my final question for the uh, first season Q&A.

Hero: Oooh.

Sophie: Um, so it's a repeat. I'm sorry about that.

Hero: Boooo.

Sophie: But this is what happens when you go on for this long--

Hero: Hack! Hack!

Sophie: Yep. I'm a charlatan.

Hero: [raspily] Charlatan.

Sophie: Um.

Hero: I sound like Sean Bean there.

Sophie: Do it again?

Hero: No, I can't.

Sophie: [laughs]

Hero: [laughs]

Sophie: [attempting Sean Bean] Bastard.

Hero: [attempting Sean Bean] Bastard. [laughs]

Sophie: My question is when can we expect Monstrous Agonies Season Three?

Hero: Probably September.

Sophie: Probably September.

Hero: Probably September.

Sophie: My favourite month, Probably September.

Hero: Probably September. Um, no probably September because I am going to do my best to actually take some time off? Because last season I had a break...

Sophie: For about what, two weeks, was it? [laughs]

Hero: One! It was one week. There was one week where there was no episodes, and then I launched straight into the funky mini-episodes.

Sophie: Mini-breaks. Yeah.

Hero: And--and didn't do any less work. And didn't Season Two with any of it planned. Planned the plot of Season Two three weeks into Season Two.

Sophie: Yep. I remember.

Hero: Yeah.

Sophie: I was there.

Hero: The slightly panicked video call.

Sophie: Yeah, that went on for an entire afternoon. [high-pitched voice] "What does it mean!"

Hero: What does it mean!

Sophie: "What does it all--"

Hero: "What does it all mean?"

Sophie: [deep voice] No one knows, but it's provocative.

Hero: Yeah, so. Um. So I'm actually going to take some time off, so there... the week that we're recording, there will be no ep--eh, episode, and then there will be the first half and the second half of the Q&A, and that's to give um, my beautiful transcriber time to work.

Sophie: Ugh, she's so beautiful.

Hero: She's so beautiful. It's not Sophie. [laughs] Um.

Sophie: [laughs]

Hero: And um, and then there will be a proper actual break of, I think, four to six weeks.

Sophie: Wonderful.

Hero: I can't remember how long. Because I do want to do some more mini-episodes.

Sophie: And I--well, okay.

Hero: What?

Sophie: But also... actually have a break.

Hero: No, no, no. No, no--I want to do some more mini-episodes after my four to six weeks off.

Sophie: Starting in September.

Hero: ... no, Season Three will start in September.

Sophie: Right.

Hero: Look, I did--I said probably-ish. Maybe.

Sophie: Okay. All right.

Hero: Work with me here. Follow us on Tumblr @MonstrousAgonies and Twitter @Monstrous_Pod to keep up-to-date with announcements and news.

Sophie: And send Hero messages to tell them that it's all right to take time off, and that they deserve a break.

Hero: Yeah. I know! I just really like this show!

Sophie: I know you do.

Hero: I really like making it. I've got some really good ideas.

Sophie: Yeah.

Hero: Yeah.

Sophie: And you'll hear them, probably, starting September.

Hero: Ish.

Sophie: Ish. Maybe.

Hero: Sometime.

Sophie: Sort of.

Hero: Yeah.

Sophie: Actually October.

Hero: Who knows!

Sophie: [laughs]

Hero: [laughs]

[Title music fades in: slow, bluesy jazz. It plays throughout the closing credits.]

H.R. Owen

And that's Part Two of the Q&A! Thanks again to Sophie B for joining me, and a very special thank you to our fabulous volunteer, Rachel, who produced the transcript.

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