Submission Guidelines

Submit your own monstrous agonies to be read on the show!

Use the form below to send us your suggestions for listener's letters. We accept both full letters, as read out on the show, and short summaries like, "Jealous of immortal boyfriend's exes," though please note that any complete letters will likely be subject to editing.

We also now accept submissions and suggestions for adverts!

By submitting, you give Monstrous Agonies permission to use your submission in full, or to edit and adapt your submission as needed.

Submissions can be made anonymously, or you can include a name by which you'd like to be credited. Credits for submissions used in an episode will appear in the show notes of that episode.

Please note: due to the large volume of submissions for Season Two, it may be several weeks before your submissions makes it onto the programme. Thank you for your patience.

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